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In the industrial and civil fields, rotor pumps play a key role as a common fluid transfer equipment. When choosing rotor pumps, Shanghai Lanhai Pumps is undoubtedly a highly trusted choice. In this article, we will discuss the working principle of rotor pumps, the advantages and the rationality of choosing Shanghai Lanhai Pumps rotor pumps.

The working principle of rotor pump:

Rotor pump is a centrifugal pump, its working principle is based on the role of centrifugal force. When the rotor pump starts, the motor drives the rotor to rotate, and the liquid enters the pump body through the suction port, and is captured by the rotor vane and projected onto the pump body wall with the rotation of the vane. As the rotor rotates, the liquid is compressed and discharged from the pump body, and finally discharged through the discharge port.

Advantages of rotor pumps:

High efficiency and energy saving: rotor pumps are well-designed and have high efficiency, which can reduce energy consumption when conveying fluids and achieve the purpose of energy saving.

Wide applicability: rotor pumps are suitable for a variety of fluids, including water, sewage, chemical liquids, etc., with strong versatility and applicability.

Stable operation: Shanghai Lanhai Pumps' rotor pumps are made of high quality materials, and after strict quality control and testing, they have stable operation performance, and can run stably for a long time without being easily damaged.

Convenient maintenance: rotor pump structure is simple, easy to maintain, routine maintenance work including cleaning and lubrication, without the need for complex repairs and replacement parts.

Reasons for choosing Shanghai Lanhai Pumps rotor pumps:

Professional brand: Shanghai Lanhai Pumps is a professional pump manufacturer with many years of production experience and technical accumulation, its product quality and performance has been widely recognized by the market and users.

Rich product line: Shanghai Lanhai Pump Industry provides a variety of models and specifications of rotor pumps, covering different flow, head and working conditions of the needs of the user to provide more choices and flexibility.

Quality Assurance: All products undergo strict quality control and testing to ensure stable and reliable performance, providing users with long-term quality assurance.

Customer Service: Shanghai Lanhai Pumps provides a full range of pre-sales consulting, technical support and after-sales service to ensure that the user in the purchase, use and maintenance process to get timely help and support.

When choosing rotor pumps, Shanghai Lanhai Pumps is undoubtedly a trustworthy brand. Its excellent product quality, rich product line and professional customer service will provide users with efficient and reliable fluid transfer solutions.