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JYWQ Stirring Submersible Sewage Pump
JYWQ Stirring Submersible Sewage Pump
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Product Overview:

JPWQ, JYWQ series automatic stirring submersible sewage pump is manufactured by adopting automatic stirring device on the basis of common type sewage pump. The device rotates with the motor shaft, generating extremely strong stirring force, stirring the sediments within the sewage into suspension, which is sucked into the pump and discharged, improving the pump's anti-blocking and discharging ability, completing the drainage, cleaning and desludging in one go, and saving the operation cost, and it is an environmental protection product with obvious advancement and practicability.

Product features:

1. When the automatic stirring submersible sewage pump is in operation, it automatically stirs the sediment at the bottom of the pool, preventing the dirt from silting up completely, without manual cleaning;

2. The unique impeller design of automatic stirring submersible sewage pump has the function of shredding and tearing fiber and debris;

3. Automatic churning submersible sewage pump adopts external circulation cooling system, which makes the sewage pump operate at low water level, reduces the starting frequency of the motor and prolongs the life of the motor;

Product use:

JPWQ submersible sewage pump,JYWQ submersible sewage pump is suitable for chemical industry, petroleum, pharmaceutical, mining, papermaking, power plant and urban sewage treatment, municipal engineering, public utilities sewage and other sewage filth with particles and sediments.

Product significance

For example: 80JYWQ50-10-1600-3

80-Discharge caliber(mm)

JYWQ-automatic stirring submersible sewage pump



1600-Stirring range(mm)

3-Motor power(kw)

Remarks:JYWQ is common type automatic stirring submersible sewage pump.

JPWQ is the automatic churning submersible sewage pump with stainless steel jacket cooling system.

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