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ISGB detachable pipeline centrifugal pump
ISGB detachable pipeline centrifugal pump
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ISGB detachable pipeline centrifugal pump product features

ISGB disassembled pipeline centrifugal pump, especially in the overall structure of the bold breakthrough design. Independent bearing body and pump shaft support are adopted to solve the shortcomings of the original vertical pump supported by motor bearings. The impeller of excellent hydraulic model is adopted to eliminate the shortcomings of large axial force of the original vertical pump. The motor adopts Y series standard general motors to solve the problem of difficult replacement of the original vertical pump extended shaft motor; At the same time, the **** disassembly structure solves the problem of replacing the bearing, mechanical seal, impeller and pump shaft of the high-power pump.

Compared with similar domestic products, the pump has the advantages of more stable operation, long service life, more convenient supporting, easier maintenance, etc. It IS an ideal product to replace ISG type vertical pump, IS type centrifugal pump, S type double suction pump and other conventional centrifugal pumps.

ISGB detachable pipeline centrifugal pump product use

ISGB detachable pipeline centrifugal pump:

Mainly used in industrial, urban high-rise building water supply, fire pipeline pressurization, HVAC cold and hot water circulation, long-distance water transmission and production process circulation pressurization transportation.

PTHB type removable single-stage chemical pump:

Suitable for metallurgy, chemical industry, textile, wood processing, paper making, hotel, bathroom, hotel and other boiler high temperature hot water pressurization circulation and urban heating system heating pump.

1, high-rise building pressurized water supply 2, factory system transport 3, water treatment system pressurized 4, central air conditioning cold and hot water circulation 5, boiler system transport 6, swimming pool water transmission 7, pressurized cycle in the process

Type meaning

For example, ISGB100-160(I)AB

ISGB- removable centrifugal pump

100- Nominal diameter of pump inlet and outlet (mm)

160- Nominal diameter of impeller (mm)

I- Traffic classification

AB- impeller is cut twice by ****