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ZCQ Self-Priming Magnetic Pump
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Product Overview

The ZCQ type self suction magnetic pump is a new product that is improved on the basis of the CQ type magnetic pump according to user needs, and has been successfully researched and tested by our factory's engineering and technical personnel. Its performance can reach the advanced level of similar foreign products.

Product features

This pump replaces dynamic sealing with static sealing, ensuring that the flow components of the pump are completely sealed, completely solving the problems of running, emitting, and dripping that cannot be avoided by other pump mechanical seals. The pump body and flow components are made of corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel, corundum ceramics, and tetrafluorographite. This series of pumps not only has the function of a CQ type magnetic pump, but also integrates self suction, without the need for bottom valves and injection water, with a self suction height of (4m). The pump has a compact structure, beautiful appearance, small volume, low noise, reliable operation, and convenient use and maintenance.

Product Usage

It can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, electroplating, printing and dyeing, food, scientific research and other units, to pump acid, alkali, oil, rare and precious liquids, toxic liquids, volatile liquids, as well as supporting circulating water equipment, especially for the pumping of leaking, flammable, and explosive liquids. Therefore, it has a wide range of uses. We sincerely recommend this new product to users.

Model significance

For example: ZCQ65-50-145

Z-Self suction type

CQ - Magnetic Drive Pump

65- Inlet diameter (mm)

50- Discharge port diameter (mm)

145- Impeller diameter (mm)

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