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CQ type magnetic pump
CQ type magnetic pump
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Product Overview

The CQ type magnetic pump is a leak proof centrifugal pump. Due to the lack of mechanical components connecting the rotating shaft and pump chamber, it adopts the working principle of permanent magnet coupling drive, which can eliminate the leakage problem that cannot be avoided by using mechanical shaft seal pumps or gland packing shaft seal pumps, and is extremely safe to use. The liquid contact part of the pump is made of corrosion-resistant and high-strength engineering plastics, steel jade ceramics, stainless steel and other chemical resistant materials, so it has good corrosion resistance and is suitable for pumping chemical media such as acids, alkalis, oils, rare and precious liquids, venoms, volatile liquids, etc. It is especially used for pumping flammable and explosive liquids, and is extremely safe to use.

main features

The magnetic pump has eliminated the mechanical seal, completely eliminating the inevitable problems of running, emitting, dripping, and leaking in mechanical sealed centrifugal pumps. It is the preferred choice for leak free factories. Due to the use of stainless steel for the flow components of the pump, corrosion resistance is achieved. The magnetic coupling of the pump is integrated with the pump body, making it compact in structure, easy to maintain, safe and energy-saving. The magnetic coupling of the pump can provide overload protection for the transmission motor.

Product Usage

Magnetic pump is an ideal pump used in chemical processes to eliminate running, emitting, dripping, and leaking phenomena, eliminate environmental pollution, create a "leak free workshop" and "leak free factory", and achieve safe and civilized production. Widely used in the production process of petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing, electroplating, food, environmental protection and other enterprises to transport corrosive liquids without iron filings impurities, especially suitable for the transportation of flammable, explosive, volatile, toxic and valuable liquids.

Model significance

For example: 40CQ-20

40- Pump inlet diameter (mm)

CQ - Magnetic Drive Pump

20- Working head (m)

Working conditions

The magnetic pump transports a non-ferromagnetic and fiber free liquid with a density not exceeding 1300kg/m3 and a viscosity not exceeding 30 × 10-6m3/S. The rated temperature of a conventional magnetic pump is for a pump body made of metal material or F46 lining, with a working temperature of 80 ℃ and a rated pressure of 1.6 MPa; The operating temperature of the high-temperature magnetic pump is ≤ 350 ℃; For pumps made of non-metallic materials, the temperature should not exceed 60 ℃ and the rated pressure should be 0.6MPa. For liquids with a medium density greater than 1600kg/m3, magnetic couplings need to be designed separately. The bearings of the magnetic pump are lubricated and cooled using the medium being transported, and the drum magnetic pump is strictly prohibited from running without load.