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CQB centrifugal magnetic pump
CQB centrifugal magnetic pump
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Product Overview

The CQB centrifugal magnetic pump consists of an electric motor, a magnetic coupling, and a corrosion-resistant centrifugal pump. Its main feature is to use a magnetic coupling to transfer power, without any leakage. When the electric motor drives the magnetic coupling and the outer magnetic steel to rotate, the magnetic field lines pass through the gap and isolation sleeve, acting on the inner magnetic steel, causing the pump rotor to rotate synchronously with the electric motor, and transmitting torque without mechanical contact. At the power input end of the pump shaft, due to the liquid being enclosed in a stationary isolation chamber without a dynamic seal, there is no leakage at all. The overcurrent components of the pump can be made of corrosion-resistant materials such as 304, 304L, 302, 321, 316, 316L, UB6, CD4MCu, titanium alloy, nickel based alloy, etc. as needed. The CQB series magnetic pump is a new type of completely leak free and corrosion-resistant pump developed by our company. Its technical and economic indicators are equivalent to similar foreign products. The form and basic parameters of the CQB series magnetic pump comply with the requirements of TB/T7742-95 "Small Magnetic Transmission Centrifugal Pump" standard.

Product features

The overflow part of the pump is made of all stainless steel material, which has good corrosion resistance to organic acids, organic compounds, alkalis, neutral solutions, and gases. The double helix carbon graphite bearing and hard alloy shaft sleeve have strong wear resistance, ensuring the service life of the product. It is an ideal pump for transporting corrosive media without leakage

Product Usage

The CQB series magnetic centrifugal pump is suitable for industries such as petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, smelting, electroplating, environmental protection, food, film and television printing, water treatment, national defense, etc. It is an ideal equipment for conveying flammable, volatile, toxic, rare and precious liquids, as well as various corrosive liquids.

Model significance

For example: CQB50-32-160

CQ - Magnetic driven centrifugal pump

B - The material of the overcurrent component is metal

50- suction diameter (mm)

32- Discharge port diameter (mm)

160- nominal diameter of impeller (mm)